Monday, 25 June 2012


A dreadful night's sleep, sleepus interuptus indeed. My best wishes going out to all my parenting friends and their little fiends who wake every 1/2 hour. I have no excuse except for some seriously weird noises in the night and they weren't issuing from me, somewhere out in Fitzroy strange things were a-foot. Just call me the walking zombie this morning.
Instead of cleaning yesterday I walked into the city, bought a pair of jeans, lost my Myki virginity and wasted most of my Sunday. The house looks even worse, only half the washing got done, no vacuuming and I managed to knock a box over last night on the way to bed and it's contents are now spilt across the floor. The walls are closing in! Sadly whilst the new clothes airer is brilliant (it's on wheels) I don't actually have any room for it and rather than making things better it is cramping what little space I have. Time for a total overhaul, totally.
Now though I really need to get to the studio and to find no distractions  and actually spend the week working hard on stock. Those blanket quilts sadly won't make themselves you know. So please, no distractions this week, no having to be somewhere else, at some annoying time, if I must have appointments then please don't make them a waste of time. Let me have one day of dyeing when everything goes smoothly and I can build up a nice backlog of stock and the kitchen ends up containing a few less boxes of gloves. That I remember to put out all the recycling on Garbage Eve. Not much to ask for really.
OK, now I really must bust a move and get out of the house and to the studio.
Wish me luck and a fair wind.

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