Saturday, 16 June 2012


Saturday. Again. Different this week as I actually have internet connection.
Weird ol' week this week, kind of mixed up and a bit nothing, if you know what I mean. A disconcerting week, perhaps a 'waiting week', an off-track week, a not a lot achieved week. I think maybe my working patterns are changing and I feel a bit out of kilter, it's been like this for a bit now and I wish I could find some steadiness in my days.
On the studio front I cut up hides and sides of leather to make new granny purses- fluoro grannies, lustre grannies, bi-colour grannies, granny takes a trip grannies. Really they are ridiculously bright and the fluoro ones match our satchels. Hopefully in-store next week and there is going to have to be a really big move around to find space for them.

I only made two new Welsh blanket cushions yesterday. I know, it's got totally out of hand. We've had people in this week looking at cushions who have ended up leaving in confusion because of the choice (mind you they always put their names down to be notified when new ones come in- what, they want to be even more confused?!) and I am starting to think we should hide half of them out the back. Overwhelmed for choice it appears. 

On the matter of choice, the two boxes of Lisa B socks have arrived. Along with a repeat of spot calf, spot OTK, Argyle calf, diamond OTK we now have two new styles, fairisle and patch and there are new colourways too. Yep, even more to confound your brains with.

Which Welsh blanket cushion will go with my socks and should I match my gloves to my socks or to my cushion?? And will they go with my satchel? And which colour combo should I get in the  mix'n'match granny purses?


I better go press up some short charcoal gloves before the Saturday shopgirl shift starts.

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  1. colour-coded days of the week? Pink Mondays? or should that be blue?

    Sarah -x-


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