Saturday, 2 June 2012

mountain, molehill, morass

Here again.
Blah blah blah.
I'm longing for a day in bed (won't happen tomorrow, vintage tour due at 10.30 am), even got a head start on the washing last night and have managed to pick up half the clothes on the bedroom floor (wasn't as hard as it has looked for the last 6 months... although the need for a damn good vacuum is really obvious now). I do want to allocate a couple of hours with my brain turned on to read some technical books, no TV in the background, no distractions, in the hope that my brain does actually take it in (it's felt very slow on the uptake for sometime now... creak creak...).
I did get into the studio yesterday. Made up some Welsh blanket cushions in new colourways, a few flax seed and lavender eye pillows, worked on some purses, spilt lunch down my leg, stared at the mountains, molehills and morasses of muck and stuff dotted and piled all about the studio. The lift has been broken in the studio building for a couple of months and this has led to rubbish bin issues, there has been a build up and everyone is via for the first fill on the day after the bins have been emptied, I seem to have missed the last few weeks and my off-cut bags are overflowing. This coming week I must be first to the bins! Chores... the bane of my life.
Jethro has finally decided to get out of bed (it's alright for some) and  I suppose I better get the Saturday shop chores done.

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