Thursday, 7 June 2012

cold and counterfeit

I am still fighting the lurgy sadly, a right little snot monster, but I've been soldiering on though. One minute I'm feeling fine-ish, the next pretty carp. I haven't got to the studio, tomorrow perhaps, but there are some new glove colours done. I've had to change the window display as Mr Furpants has taken to 'stealing' the gloves hanging in the window, he likes to play fetch with them, I often wake up to the bed covered in gloves. He got a smack on the nose for doing it but that only resulted in him looking sulky and affronted.
This evening we discovered someone had managed to pass a counterfeit $50 on us yesterday, resulting in 50% annoyance and 50% amazement. We spent some time checking it out. I'm thinking of giving it to that annoying whispering beggar we all dislike (I know... that's mean... but he drives everyone mad... and I am joking... ).
What else to report? Nothing much I think.... I have a stack of work I really need to start/finish, the clock wall is looking very very bare. I think the lurgy is creeping up on me... I know I had interesting things to say when I first started typing... the couch is calling.

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