Thursday, 21 June 2012

mid-winter glory

Doesn't look like I'll be getting to the studio today. Bet it is absolutely freakin' freezin' there!
We need gloves dyed and clipped and tagged so I am trying to get that sorted.
I was so tired last night I was having trouble tap-tapping out the post about T&O. I hope it made sense. I was going to write how I think the 'weekender' case makes me think of a 1950s film, a woman standing on a railway platform waiting for the train to take her to Bournemouth for an illicit weekend, her case packed with a silk peignoir. Or perhaps the 'lunch' case or 'kinder' case might be perfect to hide the love letters from her admirer... or the 'weekender' if there was a hell of a lot of them. Considering the ridiculous prices  badly battered crappy cases are going for these days, these are a snap, so vintage and so new at the same time.

I had to share with you yesterday's fabulous Bacchus Marsh heritage pumpkins. They really are a sign of Autumn/Winter bounty. I brought a couple back for Dell (she asked for 'small and weird') and I got a quarter of a Windsor Black for me. This is the pumpkin of my childhood Sunday Roasts, I can never find it anywhere these days, it's a killer to chop up but I am hoping for pumpkin heaven. There are so few pumpkins available these days, butternut just doesn't cut it for me, that I might have to pencil in a pumpkin run to Bacchus Marsh every Autumn from now on.

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  1. I am visualising you stuffing gourds and pumpkins into all manner of cases and loading up a vintage flat-bed truck and rolling back into town!

    Those cases are so lovely. what a cool product to re-invent...great spot Pen.

    Isn't it odd to be at the polar opposite of the seasons...but wonderful too at the same time. I definitely do believe in Dr.Who!

    Sarah -x-


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