Saturday, 23 June 2012

sign of our shop

I was so hoping to unveil our new shop sign this weekend, sadly Ray the Gilder made a boo-boo with the gold border and he has taken the sign off to re-work the edge so there has been a bit of a delay. Excitement has got the better of me though and I just had to post a photo of his work!
Mr Cruickshank did the typography, it's on glass so once it's been hung in the window you'll still be able to see through it. It's framed in an Edwardian frame and that was what held us up for so long getting the sign made, I couldn't find a suitable old frame, I hunted high and low and then, of course, one day just stumbled across one. It's only taken 4 1/4 years to organise. We did have the green door with the chalk writing for years and I think it has alway quite amused us watching the befuddled look on people's faces trying to work out the name of the shop since the glass door was installed.
So to go with our love of all things traditional 'skillz-mad' our sign has been hand painted on glass and gilded in real gold. A dying art in these days of computer cut vinyl lettering, a skill once learnt as an apprentice and at trade school (yes, TAFE training, don't get me started on the what is happening here in Victoria... foolish and shortsighted).
So soon we will have our shop sign up. It might cause a rash of renovation or perhaps just a spruce up. We may even finally get around to having out invoice books printed rather than sticker-ed they way we having been doing them for the last 4 1/4 years. I am amused that we have done this all arse-about, most shops these days do their branding before they get their product together! I've also never quite got my decisions made about uniform typefaces etc, I just can never decide ('oh that's nice, hmmm not quite what I was thinking of.....') so things just get changed every now and then. I think Mr Cruickshank has been deeply horrified by my airy-fairy indecision!
So hopefully this time next week our sign will be well and truly hung.
Shop day for me today. Another week lost to the well of good intentions. How do I lose so many days?
Please drop in and have a look at our lovely Trunk and Orderly cases (I know a small boy who has been given a blue lunch case for his car collection), they make great craft storage boxes we have discovered. There are lots of gloves out, a mountain of Welsh blanket cushions and we are started to run low on some sizes in the Slade sweaters and cardis so don't leave buying one for too much longer or you may be disappointed.
Take care, have a warm and cosy weekend!


  1. Must show your new signage to S.
    She is a total font snob and is pretty funny about it too ( and can name every one).
    I think yours is lovely and you could even have the word "emporium" as you stock such a wide range of pretties.
    Also, a tea shop next door. With home made cakes.

  2. Miss Pen Pen your new sign looks perfect!! (as always!) K x


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