Friday, 8 June 2012


Morning all.
No 'good' included there, sorry.
My cheekbones feel like concrete and may make my whole face pitch forward into my porridge if I'm not careful. On the up side I managed to neither burn nor boil over said porridge this morning and though it was delicious to eat I wasn't in much of a mood for actually eating it, spooning was very slow.
I think last night's post was probably a bit garbled and weird, sorry about that, blame this silly cold. I did have things to tell you. Things like...
Our lovely Lisa B socks on the D-Files sock post, more socks in very soon, today hopefully!
I've just popped some vintage capes and jackets into the shop made from... Welsh blankets! Yes our addiction grows ever stronger, 'hi my name is Pen and I seem to have a bit of a fascination for carthen...'. We have a couple of capes and a fabulous jacket made from the same purple/pink/black colourway we've done cushions in. We have some more on the way.
And there is satchels.
And there are new glove colours.
Even when sick I seem to get a bit of work done but I should probably get a couple of hours in at the studio if I can today. A friend's mum said I looked a bit 'wan' yesterday and I have to say that little word quite sums it up. The face in the mirror this morning was really quite pasty. And my iPod has had a spak-attack and lost every bit of its music and won't talk to my computer, contagion.
OK time to make a move.
Oh and I enjoyed reading this about the rise of 'professional amateurism' whilst eating my porridge in bed this morning, it applies equally to craft and making.

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