Saturday, 30 June 2012


Running a bit late this morning! Stayed up late working last night and then overslept by 15 minutes this morning, better than yesterday where I forgot to set the alarm I suppose. I was totally indecisive getting the milk and papers and baked goods this morning and strangely I think everyone must have overslept this morning because everywhere I went was running a tad late.
I finally finished a batch of the two coloured leather granny purses last night. They have been sitting on my work trestle table taunting me, I can see them from my seat on the couch, but they are underway and in store today. Getting the drill out yesterday to hang the sign was good as I have a pile of drilling jobs that need doing and I had developed that kind of procrastination/tool fear that I get sometimes. It's not that I am 'fearful' of the tool just that it sits there mocking my procrastination and so I grow to hate it and avoid it. Yeah, OK, it's just an excuse for procrastination. You know what I am talking about! The five minute job that blows out in your mind to a huge production which, of course, when you finally get around to doing it only actually takes 2 1/2 minutes. Well I have a whole pile of those lying around here.
So Saturday shop news.... the Cottage has a new sign, there are Heico cockatoo lamps in store, a couple of new glove colours, new leather purses that I have nowhere to display, Ann's tea cosies have arrived and new pianola shades in in all 5 sizes have been delivered.
I've taken the bunting down outside which is sort of strange after so many years. It's not that more won't go back up but the shiny new sign just dictated a bit of a spruce. I was planning to paint the sections above when the windows were replaced but have never actually got around to it. I hate painting (a realisation that occurs 5 minutes after I start painting) and deep down would love to just pay someone else to do it. Which means if you drive by tomorrow you'll probably find me up the ladder doing it. Stupid me. Really I should be out the back drill in hand.
Time to vacuum and mop!


  1. mmmm, very late here too...I have sign proper real green eyed stuff...that might also be to do with the conjunctivitus.
    I am suposed to be building my raspberry millefeuille, I have made all the components but the creme patisserie has gone wrong and I'm in a flap, grrrr. I am going to look at your sign again.....

    Sarah -x-

  2. I know what you mean about taunting jobs - mine all involve cupboards - one is known as the chaos cupboard so you can tell i have procrastinated BIG time there!the linen press has more boxes in it than linen, the bathroom cupboards are a mystery to us all. sigh. winter jobs.


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