Monday, 2 July 2012


Some mornings I just wake up with a general feeling of 'nuhg'. Today's 'nuhg' is probably just a result of staying up very late and a cold morning where I really would have been quite happy to stay snuggled under the blankets.
I didn't end up doing any drilling as I had planned but I did do a bit of moving stuff about and finishing off of a few taunting projects. The leather purses are done! A batch of tapestry purses almost done! Eyelets in the test batch of new tapestry gingerbread hearts! After I did manage to get out of bed this morning I buzzed about and vacuumed the shop, packed stuff away I'd left out, raced to the stationers and the hardware shop, coaxed Jethro out from under the bunk, wrote a pile of emails and watched over my porridge as it cooked so I didn't burn it. I wish someone would invent an automatic porridge cooker, like a rice cooker only porridge-y-er (and yes I have tried to cook porridge in a  rice cooker once and it made a dreadful mess of it). The AutoOat™ should also have a timer on it so you can set it to turn itself on just before you get up. I'm not a great one for electrical/automatic kitchen devices, like bread machines, but I do think the rice cooker is a fabulous invention and if the AutoOat™ will save me burning the damn stuff I am all for it. It took me almost a week of scrubbing to get the last burnt offering scraped off the saucepan.
OK I seem to be working from home today. Better get a dye pot on.

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