Thursday, 5 July 2012

work/life balance

I forced myself to go be in bed before 11 last night, even if the light wasn't off, I finished the last chapter of my book and pulled the blankets up to my chin. It did mean that even if I wanted to stay in bed this morning I was able to talk myself into getting up and facing the day. Jethro chose this morning to be tucked in tight against and not in his usual morning spot of on the storage-box-behind-the-curtain-curled-up-tight. He'd had a busy night- he'd fetched 9 pairs of gloves for me and they were piled at the end of the bed. He has a crazy nightlife.
On Tuesday I just couldn't face going to the studio. I hid in a café for a while after running errands in the morning and then went to the city for an hour. Sometimes I just can't quite face being 'creative'. Yesterday I did make it to the studio and finished sewing the checked dresses. Now I can start working my way through the other things I need to do. I have lots of little bits of stock we need to top up on, wheat bags, lavender sachets, hot water bottle covers. We only have one wool blanket quilt left in the shop as Anna keeps selling them so I really need to allocate a chunk of time and get a huge batch of blankets cut and pieced together, that is going to be exhausting work. At the moment the kitchen is full of wool blankets in piles of dirty, wet and clean.
We've also had a run on Welsh blanket cushions so I had better find a window of opportunity and get some of those made up as well. There are new vintage Welsh blankets in too so new colourways and patterns soon.
And more dyeing to fit in too.
And I need to go to the printed and get more swing tags printed.
And I have a 10 o'clock appointment this morning and then I am popping out for a brunch with a member of the Westgarth Street crew as they are back from their European Vacation. I wouldn't want my work life to impinge on social life....... ha.

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  1. you know those kittens that lost their mittens...Jethro?

    Sarah -x-


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