Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Sometimes you just have to put down everything else you are doing and start something totally new.
Have a play with something that has been stewing for a while.

This dress was nicknamed 'the hipster wedding dress' as I worked on it.
I chuckled away as I thought about hipster weddings.
I swear if I see another hipster wedding photo I might do something dangerous.
Don't let the my hipster comments befuddle you over this dress, it's very pretty, it's made from a half embroidered Semco tablecloth. The over skirt includes an edging of lace and the bodice lining and under-skirt are in vintage inspired cotton.
I think it was today's sunshine that made me do it.
A Spring dress in the midst of Winter.
Back to dyeing gloves tomorrow.


  1. Pen that dress is lovely. I can just see it on my beautiful 18 y.o., hopefully not bridal just yet.
    Wasn't the sun splendid yesterday?

  2. Beautiful. My inner hipsta wants one :)


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