Tuesday, 24 July 2012


A quick run up country to pick up gloves and socks yesterday. A big blue bowl of a sky and mist lifting out of the valleys. Impressive Winter vistas.
On the downside the op shopping was crap though.
As you may have guessed I've been feeling a bit flat of late, Winter can be a bit of an overwhelming drudge around here- you try dyeing stock for 5 months and see how you feel! Oh the joys of production work! I am trying to find things to spark me up a bit, I have a month to get through before I can escape for a week and a bit (also known as birthday avoidance).
I'm off to the studio in a minute and I think a bit of cleaning and sorting might be in order today. Not the whole day mind, just a bit of shuffling of stuff, mainly so I don't run into the same corner of the table as I did on Friday... 7 times. I have a welt across my thigh to prove it. I also need to make a bit of room for when the quilting arrives (fingers crossed, this week) and that means packing away the blankets I didn't use in this round of patching.
I have a storage room in the studio, an old darkroom I think, that sits like a cube in the corner and has become the textile equivalent of an elephant's graveyard. I have a lamp hooked up as the power points and light in there haven't work...... that is until Friday when for some reason I tried the switches in there (again) and the next thing I know the power points and fluoro all spring to life. What/how the hell?!?! How long have I been in this studio? How long has there been no power in there? Why suddenly does it all come to life? So 'good' that I can now see clearly in there and 'bad' that I can now see clearly in there. That room will have to be dealt with severely very soon.

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  1. Oh Claude...that's the last thing you need...poltergeist electrics....something strange is happening. I lazily flicked a switch in the barn thinking nothing would happen and half the coloured lights on the HUGE old fir tree at the front of the house fired up! You might not think this odd until I tell you that the wires were cut by the electrician a year ago...WTF? Mr Lane is disconcerted, I, on the other hand keep sneaking out there and trying the switch again just in case I have officially gone doo-lally!
    Where is the beautiful blue vista? It's so serene...

    Sarah -x-


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