Sunday, 15 July 2012


There were funny little pockets of long wintery light around the house today.
Jethro stopping in a patch on the bed, a sliver sneaking across the apple and walnut cake as it was being stirred, like little spot lights lighting up a semi-lazy Sunday. Well not so lazy I suppose.
Charcoal gloves dyed, apple and walnut cake baked and new soap recipe experiment. I put a stop to some of procrastination that has been bugging me. I made up the gingerbread pot pourri mix from the ingredients I have been tripping over for the last month (or more) and stuffed the first trial batch of 'tapestry' hearts. The soap making has been well and truly procrastinated and hopefully I will get some more done as I have to leave it for 4 weeks + to cure, not an instant project by any means. The last run of soap I did sold really well and I have been meaning to do more for ages. I have lovely little metal screw lidded containers waiting for the soap and I've also been making up wood butter in these pots.
There really is always something brewing around here.

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