Saturday, 14 July 2012

haggis and gruel

These are the last pictures you will see of the blanket patchwork until it comes back as quilts. It was about 30 metres long when all the panels were stitched together and rather than roll it I folded it like a giant slab of puff pastry and then wrapped in calico it looked like a huge blanketty haggis. Monday morning I will drag it downstairs to the car and get it to the quilters.
I had a hankering for porridge this morning but I seem to have made thick gruel instead, I am waiting for it to cool and set a little. I'm sighing as it is Saturday again. I would like an eight day week, five days in the studio/running errands, one day as shopgirl and a 'Saturday' for newspaper reading, tea drinking and putting the washing on and a 'Sunday' for sleeping in, reading in bed and folding the washing.
After many enquiries I've managed to get my hands on some darning mushrooms. I wanted plain wooden ones but at this point have had to settle for some painted like weird magic 'shrooms in orange and green.
We are waiting on stock at the moment- CWA cookbooks (one Classic left if you are planning a CWA style cook-off this weekend), Trunk and Orderly cases (new stock in a couple of weeks, we've sold out of 'lunch', have a couple of 'kinders' left and I'm longing for someone to buy a weekender), new Lisa B socks and tights (delivery depends on whether the USPS thinks they are WMD), the satchel delivery (months away still).... and of course all the things I need to make.
Now that we have the new sign up I've been contemplating whether we have a new shelving system designed and made to store our cushions. Dell and I stood looking at the old bunk and wondered which would be best. We love the old bunk, don't know how many times I could have sold it, but is it too overwhelming and annoying for customers who don't like to fossick through piles of cushions. Should we keep it? The main issue is we are so short of space for storage and I am getting more and more annoyed by all the cardboard boxes stashed under every table and the bunk (and you haven't seen the 'backstage' area....). Anyway we don't have the money or the energy at the moment to deal with it but it is something we will have to plan soon I think.
Oh shit! I better dash! Shopgirl duties await!

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  1. I have a collection of my Mum's wooden
    darning mushrooms, they are bewdiful!


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