Saturday, 21 July 2012

friday night, saturday morning

All light were on last night for the GSPF opening. Although it's on for 10 days the opening night is really the best time to visit, there are people out wandering, cars cruising, strange things happening in odd places. For some one who lives in the street the off⇒on is probably a bit more dramatic.  The housing commission building projections are still our favourites, you just can't beat a big erection all lit up (I can't wait for my stats to jump having typed in those two words in conjunction).

Private dancer dancing in public in his own light show.

These three thought if they hit the wall the season's changed. Sadly not actually interactive.

This one was interactive though. That's Dell and her beanie performing.

And back to the HC flats for more large scale projections.

So that was Friday night in the 'hood.
Now it's Saturday morning and I am shopgirl once again.
We should re-name this 'Saturday Shoptalk'.....  pianola shades and the CWA cookbooks are back in and I made a new batch of Welsh blanket cushions. There are some stunning new colourways and pattern in including a beautiful dark teal blue with tangerine and pink and it's in a woven pattern we haven't had before. I was hoping to get the freshly dyed yarn all wound and in-store for today but I didn't have the energy/inclination last night.
The magnolia tree over the road has been out for the last week plus, I thought it was way too early and did a check on the posts from this time last year. Apparently not. Looking out my upstairs window there are buds that have swollen and popped overnight, so by tomorrow (same date as last year) it looks like our Miss Magnolia will be in bloom. How does she know the date?

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