Thursday, 19 July 2012

things to do today

Can I even describe how tired I was yesterday? I had three projects on the go at once and my feet hurt from the concrete floor in the kitchen, my lower back was pinging and my head felt, well, braindead. I dragged myself to bed and awoke this morning to a cat snuggled in hard to my side and the realisation that I had only woken once in the night. Jethro had brought me a single pair of short gloves from downstairs and a long glove that had been lying around the bedroom floor,occasionally he meows to let me know but often just lets me find them in the morning piled at the end of the bed, like yesterday see photo above.
I feel better today than I have for the last week. Realist in me knows that it won't last but that is OK.
I'm off to Design Made Trade this morning. It's a strange event that has never quite worked and now it's been taken over by a big exhibition company and has turned into a kind of design/craft market hybrid. On the plus side Craft Vic has a series of stands showcasing a selection of makers. Last year the CV stands were definitely the highlight of the whole show.
I'm desperately waiting for the call from the quilters to say my blanket patchwork is ready to be picked up. Peter promised it to me this week, which means I will probably be in limbo until next week. My fingers are itching to unroll it in the studio. It will be a back breaking slog to get them finished and I mustn't attempt to do them all in one hit this time....
The ironing press is on so I had better get another couple of glove batches ready. Three new colours into the shop today.

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