Tuesday, 3 July 2012


This morning's wholesale appointment got bumped by text to Thursday morning so I may have rolled over in bed and and pulled the blankets over my head. The problem with doing a slew of late nights is that I reach the point where I just don't want to do get out of bed int he morning. I've also not had a day off in a couple of weeks. Mind you I have up until the last few days been a bit half-arsed about work I feel or perhaps things that should have taken an hour have ended up taking 3. Very annoying.
I did get the drill out yesterday, to fill in the time in between stirring the dyepot and answering emails, and I hung a rod that I have had sitting around for about a year. I now have a line of enamel pannikins and mugs and jugs and tea pots suspended in the kitchen. Something else I collect. Now they are out of the wheelie-box of enamel things the enamel mountain seems to be a little less likely to tumble down and crash on the floor. Oh to have a huge kitchen with lots of benches and cupboards.
Sorry for all the Hipstamatic photos over the last week or so but I haven't got around to recharging the batteries on the Canon. Can't believe I am contemplating getting an iPad at the moment, it makes my head ache. My justifications? My iPhone is ruining my eyesight, I don't have a laptop which makes things like banking and business crap really annoying when I am away from my desk (at studio, on the road, Tasmania....), you try tap-tapping a long email on an iPhone screen and see how frustrating it is (and I'm a fast tap-tapper too). Anyway I feel kind of bad about it. A bit dirty. Everything I wrote the other week about getting away from the computer and interweb applies here, which is why I finding it so hard to commit to the purchase of another piece of tech kit. I thought I should be honest and fess up that I might be boarding the iPad train soon.....
I am however still not interested in Pinterest , Twitter, Instagram and you'd be surprised at how bored I get looking at blogs. Apart from a delightful handful I have to admit there are some blogs I look at because they give me a fabulous Regretsy type thrill. Is it bad that I should admit that?
Jeez, it's 10.30 already! After getting that all off my chest I better make a move and get something done today.

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