Tuesday, 17 July 2012

please wait to be seated

My Mondays are sometimes my dash-about-day. So after a bit of a false start I dashed to the studio and lugged the huge haggis of quilting to the car and dropped it off at the quilters (although I did sit outside the quilters for 15 minutes listening to Miss Ramona interview Linda Jackson on RRR) and then it was off to East Kew, back to North Melbourne and as I was in the 'hood I made it to the lovely Beatrix for the first time. I was very excited, Beatrix is so tiny and perfect. I've never been totally sure about red velvet cake (probably due to this sort of thing) but Nat has me converted, it was yum! My sort of bakery/café- handmade and beautifully unfussed, seriously 'homemade' turned up to 11. It was a bright spark in what was a pretty averagely crappy day.
I better scoot. I've frittered the morning away and am now late late late.

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