Tuesday, 31 July 2012

quilt-y rugelach

Finally remembered to get a photo of the quilting strapped to the top of the car. A giant rugelach of patchwork blankets and wadding and calico. Installing the roof racks on the poor little Nissan Pulsar hatch was a brilliant idea- and makes for the amusing sight of me driving around the northern suburbs with giant rolls of quilting attached. The best time was two giant rolls strapped on, it reminded me of a many a vehicular overload seen in India. I should stress it wasn't unsafe, just amusing.
So I managed to get 6 quilts made and have another 7 at the studio still to go. No photographs yet, Dell is in tomorrow and I might get her to hold them up whilst I photograph them (pay back for the number of times she has tricked me into popping my head over the top to ask if she's taken the shot and then taking a silly photo of me doing a Foo impersonation).
My damn internet is playing up again, taking forever to load photos and not loading pages properly. It's driving me nuts. Perhaps it's an iPad jealousy issue.

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  1. Oh I am having some bother with my in-box but I have decided to point my nose into the air and freeze it out....do you think IT experts would be impressed with my techie approach?

    Sarah -x-


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