Wednesday, 1 August 2012


See those little red and white gingham Docs peeking out the bottom?
I made Dell hold the quilts up!

Can't say I did the best job photographing. I should probably have been the one behind the quilt not behind the camera.

It's amazing the patterns that happen in them.

And the colour combos.

And I love the way they get all out of true going through the quilting machine. This freaks the quilters out but we love it.

I'll finish the rest soon!

Usual price, usual deal if you like them give us a call or drop me an email.


  1. I love the first and fourth one so so much. Your quilts have been on my wish list for a while now.. One day I'll get my hands on one. I just love how everything's so randomly 'off' (but in a good way).. One day pen.. One day! : )


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