Monday, 20 August 2012

de-boxing day

Busy box day today. First the tin toy order came in and then later in the day the satchel shipment arrived. This isn't the big satchel shipment that should have been arriving about now but has been delayed by a month, instead it was the smaller 'surplus' shipment. I did my 'squeaky wheel' impersonation and managed to snaffle a small order to keep us going.
We've got 11" red, 13" vintage brown, 13" green, 14" green and 14" fluoro yellow but best of all is the 11" white. So pure, so virtuous, so cute. The white has been taken off the wholesale list but being the 'squeaky wheel' I am I scored by getting them- you'll have to be super quick though as there are only 5 of them.
The tin toys are pretty cute too! 'Woman with geese in a basket' joins 'Man with suitcase' and 'Man pushing a box'. We've also got 'Dog with a ball' and a very demented 'Kangaroo' whose tail spins around and makes her do a weird little hop. They are all quite crazed. I'm sure a person will spend most of tomorrow winding them up and letting them spin around.
I'm off to bed now with a tummy bug and a 2/3 read book that I was meant to be saving for my late Winter break.... ooops it fell open and I just had to start reading.  I'll be popping this book into the mail when I am done as I know a certain Librarian will get a giggle out of the latest in this series.

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