Tuesday, 14 August 2012

rain spangles

There is a stack of Welsh blanket cushions all cut and overlocked and ready to go. We seem to have had a run on them lately- and lampbases and shades  too. Runs on products have us amazed and trying to work out what is going on but as usual there is no rhyme or reason. Retail is like that, don't believe them when they say it is a science, it's sheer potluck.
I watched the rain come in as I left the studio but I was too slow and was drenched between the car and the shop. Luckily those cushions I had finished and stuffed made it in dry in their giant plastic bag. The magnolia was battered but prettily jewelled after the rain, they look like last night's spangles and yesterday's pearls.
I'm delaying writing emails.
You can tell can't you?
Procrastinating over my homework.....

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