Thursday, 16 August 2012


Friday is usually Welsh blanket day but somehow this week got all mixed up and it we had Welsh Wednesday instead. Here's Dell trying to hold back the flood of cushions. We have some new colours and some old colourways we haven't had in ages.
Today I've been running around in the car doing things like visiting the printer for new postcards, picking upbio-degradable packing peanuts from St Kilda, lime marmalade from East Brunswick and doing a whole pile of other strange things. I then came back to the shop, packaged up stuff to go interstate and spent what felt like a whole afternoon staring at the computer screen sorting out banking and boring emails- weirdly it was only a couple of hours and now I feel a bit discombobulated. It all feels like a bit of a wasted day now.
Tomorrow I will be a good girl and get work done at the studio..... and find somewhere to stash the remainder of the 400 litre bag of packing peanuts. It is looking like there may be a studio sale coming up in the nearish distant future.... stay tuned.
I do need to do a major clean around the house before I go off on my short break. Mainly just in case the shopgirls need to scour the house for Jethro's glove thefts. The dust bunnies may become feral and start attacking people.

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