Thursday, 23 August 2012

lady marmalade has sore feet

The Royal Agricultural Show is coming soon and I signed up.
I had a big bowl of cumquats that I needed to get in the pot and I had some gloves I needed to dye so this evening's work involved a bit of multitasking. Stir the marmalade, stir the dyepot, stir the marmalade, stir the..... you get into a  rhythm. It's a bit nerve-wracking this competition preserving but I think I may actually have made the best batch of marmalade I have ever done. Fine cut cumquat marmalade has resulted in sore feet, my kitchen floor is concrete and a killer on the arches.
I've got a batch of gloves in the washing machine and I'm just waiting until it finishes before hitting the sack. It beeps when it's finished so there is no way of going to sleep with the laundry under the bedroom and I'll be able to get it into the dryer so they'll be ready to be pressed in the morning.
I might just sneak in an episode of The Armstrong and Miller Show on iView. You have to watch this, it's too too funny!

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  1. I can almost smell that great looking marmalade from here...good luck at the show...
    perhaps you could sell the remaining jars at a local farmers ,arket that chap in the clip.!
    thanks for making me laugh outloud x


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