Friday, 17 August 2012

budgie loving

Yesterday i promised myself I'd get a pile of things done in the studio today. Well I started out productively but things slow downed as the day progressed. You know how it is..... Friday's can be like that.
I've started on out new vintage tea towel cushions- oh my, so pretty! I don't want to see the budgies go, I lurve them so. There are bulls and donkeys and all sorts of fabulous ones to come. I dropped some donkeys into Casa Ciuccio this evening, they have our tea towel cushions on the banquette seating and at Jo and Matt's city restaurant Bar Lourinha there are our Welsh blanket cushions. Nice to be supporting and supported by fellow Melbourne businesses.
With these new vintage tea towel cushions I am finally going to have raise the price a little, I hate raising our prices but these have been the same price for 4 1/2 years so we are going to bite the bullet and do it. Sorry. 10%. They are really, really beautiful though. I'll be keeping these separate until we have a big tea towel cushion change over. We may even have to stash them in the cupboard, out the back, under the stairs, just ask and we will pull them out.
It's cold out there. The studio was quite snuggly and warm with two heaters going. Remember Winter isn't over yet and the Cottage (being sensible) has warm woollies still out. Gloves, sweaters, cardis, beanies- you'll need them this weekend!

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