Saturday, 11 August 2012

spotted, booked, blooming

Saturday. Here again.
Look! New coloured spotty knitting needles, the new yellow really sparks the other colour up and there are new sizes too, we now have 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10mm. As I said the other day we have the CWA of WA cookbook in now and a new shipment of 'Make do and Mend' has arrived too. The last batch of CWA Classics flew out the door but I have one copy left in the shop at the moment if you can't wait for the next batch, I love how well our CWA cookbooks sell.

I finished the rest of the blanket quilts yesterday so they are all in the shop and I'll get photos done soon. There is some stunning combos in this run, mixed up pinks and purples with pine-lime (as in Splice) greeny-yellow and orange and bright blue. I also finished the needle books (no picture yet) which I haven't had a chance to make in ages. I had to wait for the missing die to arrive for my studding machine from Hong Kong, now I've misplaced the boxes of darning needles and sewing needles that I like to 'prime' the books with. Last night I was trying to get some work finished and to dig out components for things we need to make for the shop. I seem to have unknowingly run out of heaps of stuff that I would normally make sure we had plenty of. I kept open boxes to find them empty. I really don't seem to have my eye on the ball at the moment, so next week I will have to get in the car and madly dash about restocking. I may even have to write a list.

I bought myself some freesias this morning. My absolute favourite flower the smell of them actually trips me out and really lift my mood. If I go for a stroll I can actually sniff them out from metres and metres and metres away. My gardening dream is a birch grove to lie in in Summer and beds and beds of freesias to bloom when Winter is inching into Spring. These ones need to warm up and hopefully they will release a bit more smell, I am very particular about my freesias, white preferred as they have more smell and little short stemmed cream 'old fashioned's for their heady scent.

Waffled about things, now I had better get a move on. There is barely any room to move in the hall and kitchen at the moment and I must spend tomorrow sorting it all out. I've promised myself that I will get a Sunday at home tomorrow, first time in weeks.
Before I forget, new re-wired vintage lampbases in store too.
It's Saturday, you know where to find me.

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