Wednesday, 8 August 2012

rainy wednesday

A stunning magnolia sky yesterday evening.
We stood out on the street and admired it.
It's been a strange couple of days with weirdly annoying things happening. Today is all rain and cold and I have had little fantasies about being holed up in a cabin with a fire clinking in the hearth and rain pattering on the roof. Instead I am settling for a mug of tea, a handful of Haigh's dark chocolate raisins and a flannelette shirt. You've got to go with what is at hand. I think the tail-end of this virus has mucked me about, I'm heading towards 'little bit emotional'. Yes the need for holiday time is fast approaching.
Good things have come in the mail though. Ann has hooked up a storm even whilst inundated with family commitments and has sent through three beautiful afghan throws and a small mountain of her wonderful tea cosies. A parcel has arrived from the CWA of WA  and we finally have copies of the CWA cookbook I grew up with. Mum's version, which she was given when she married,  has had no covers for as long as I can remember and I loved reading the handy hints section when I was a youngster ('how to whiten kid gloves' was always a favourite and I think I always dreamed of one day having to put the hint into practice). A box of silk spinning bobbins has come in too and we have stock of the 3 smaller sizes available again.
I have something to admit..... Dell, Drew and I have all entered the Royal Show cooking competition this year. Dell and I thought we had missed out as we got our entries in a tad late but apparently the RASV is a generous organisation (or Shirley only comes in once a week) and we have been accepted. Stay tuned for our adventures in Show World.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you put in for competition! Are you going to blitz every category?


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