Friday, 10 August 2012

nippy night

Shaun Tan and Oslo Davis was last night (I made a mistake, dates mean nothing to me). It was a hell of a bitter night out but it was more than worth venturing into the wilds of Brunswick. They showed their work, chatted, talked about their desks and, as I think most of the small and perfectly formed audience were makers, there was a lot of  nodding in agreement. And laughter. And a few dreamy ooohs and aaahs. You would have loved it LibraryGirl. As Ramona said at the end 'I'm so glad Shaun is such a nice person'.
It has been a bit of a messy week here so hearing creative types talk about their work actually came at just the right moment. I always feel drained after the gift fair week and doing that on top of a virus really floored me. Those two talked about being introverted and the need to be alone to create, how to balance that with being out in the world, and it spoke to me. Being surrounded with too much consumerist crap and people knocks me about. Yes it is almost time to turn off for a week and breathe fresh air and look at long vistas.
I'm off to the studio to get some things finished. I need to get the gas bottles filled otherwise there will be no buckets of tea. Pick up some more dye as we have entered the final end of Winter glove push- and the last few days have been freakin' freezing.
There are new Welsh blanket cushions in store that i finished yesterday and a couple more quilts, I'll finish the rest today hopefully. Pictures of new pretties tomorrow my friends.

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  1. Shaun T and Oslo D - oh how lucky you were to go. While you were having a delightful time I was sitting at the High School in a hall filled with exhausted Year 12s and anxious parents being talked through the VTAC guide and process for tertiary application. My heading is still spinning and when we came out at 8.30, having missed the Masterchef CWA cook off on the telly you're right it was EFFING FREEZING.


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