Saturday, 18 August 2012


I awoke this morning totally confused as to what day of the week it was. I hate that feeling. Then having got back from getting the papers I almost put the kettle in the dryer, a nasty case of doing two things at once or I've got early onset dementia but more likely I just wasn't awake enough to be firing on all cylinders.
A rainy old grey day here in Melbourne Town and I would love to be doing newspapers (old style not the expensive light-on crap now masquerading as a 'newspaper') and tea at the kitchen table, RRR's Radiothon in the background. That would be an old fashioned Saturday around here. If you are venturing out then remember that the Craft Cubed Open Studios event is on today all over town. The lovely Victoria Mason just up Gertrude Street is flinging her door open and unveiling her new 'House Plant' range, those cacti look so big in the photos but they are little, little, little and I don't know how she manages all that detail! It doesn't matter what sort of studio based creativity you are into there is so much to see and as the makers can't run away you'll be able to ask lots of questions. Please remember though that you are visitors in what is often a very private place and don't go stickybeaking in any drawers!
So being Saturday here is the shop report.... new vintage lampbases are back in stock, lots of lovely Welsh blanket cushions and a couple of new glove colours have appeared. Zara has sent down some lovely Guatemalan sash belts that we think make excellent scarves, they are woven with panels of beautiful coloured inlaid patterns interspersed with indigo or black dyed sections. We also have some narrower belts, these have alternating black and white striped and beautiful embroidered floral sections.
Better dash. I think Jethro's still in bed (the lazy slug) and the shop floor is littered with mashed magnolia flowers.


  1. love the donkeys. I'm goofing off at the I-desk reading your blog for a minute - dead quiet here. Hope you're busier at the Cottage! x

  2. I have been trying to put the kettle in the 'fridge over here, glad it's not just me! Also glad that you know how to spell drawers, I have been reading others' versions for a while, most often they are draws - booooo to that!

  3. little donkey had a heavy day...I quite fancy a minature donkey, thanks for reminding me...they have them in the field down the Lane, would they miss a couple? Hmm, might have to go out under cover of darkness...

    Sarah -x-


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