Saturday, 25 August 2012

the glamorous life

This is all the labels  that are left. I think it's a sign to take a little break whilst my friend Ben (hopefully) prints a new batch. We've lots of Welshies in the shop, I've made 50 metres of bunting, pressed and put wraps around a pile of angora/lambswool socks, vacuumed the bedroom, put the washing on and folded what was dry, sorted what needs to go to the op shop/bin and put all the bedside books back on the bookshelf. Phew.
All of this on top of having my lower back and shoulder go into meltdown and needing to hit the painkillers. There hasn't been very much 'good' sleep over the last few nights as every time I rolled over I managed to wake myself up from the pain, I've been a bit dazed all day because of it. Pushing through the pain barrier and getting the cleaning done, I'm a high performance ather-lete. Have I told you I really hate cleaning, like really really hate cleaning? I can see the bedroom floor now, that's a plus, and although I haven't mopped the stairs at least the dust bunnies have, well, bitten the dust. I do like a clean house I just hate cleaning.
And now to the Saturday Shop News.
We are running (have run) out of storage space and we have new Slade Knitwear Summer stock due in soon so we've decided, although we never go on sale, to mark down the Slade woollen stock. It's going down by about 30%- so sweaters were $85 are now $60, cardis were $95 now $65 and the lovely beaded cardis were $145 now $100. What a bargain! So please come in and buy them as we can't be bothered folding and boxing them up.
The new angora socks are lovely, they are made from the yarn we use for our gloves and, yes, I know they should have been in store ages ago but we still have cold weather forecast, I think I heard something about snow in Victoria and Tasmania as I walked passed the TV last night. They look like fluffy jubes sitting in their basket.
The butcher's twine, Heico cockatoos and new little ceramic animals all arrived earlier this week as well as a new clutch of hedgehogs and bees and I've put out a big pannikin of dolly pegs. The shop is looking very bright! Oh and the satchels arrived too, so much happening. And I need to hang up some new Frida and Sophie dresses and measure the hank of hand spun I did last Saturday and  put that out too. So many chores- who says retail is glamorous?? Ha.

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  1. Hey! Just been chuckling at the Farmers Market! TEE HEE. How the devil? Are you un-creaky yet? Did you win best in show?

    Sarah -x-


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