Monday, 13 August 2012

cow licked

Bessie the Cow looks like she's been on the turps.
It amuses me no end the weird 'installations' that appear out in the back laneway, although the grease trap pumping truck at 7am yesterday isn't included on the amusing list. I am pretty pissed with my neighbours for that one.
I seem to have taken a fancy to wearing flannelette shirts at the moment and this morning's ensemble is looking pretty strangely layered. As I haven't left the house yet I am perhaps not as concerned as I should be about my sartorial inelegance. I did get a pile of odd chores done yesterday but the rest of the washing was sadly not one of them. I am attempting to unearth the floor in the bedroom and the stairs are desperately in need of a de-clutter and vacuum.
I've managed to get the shop back in order and given it a once over with the sucking machine whilst listening to the girls on the radio. There has been discussion on this on Facebook over the weekend. I was tagged facetiously as 'Ms Jolly Hockey Sticks' as I am a little opinionated about the consumerism of 'cute craft'. It was all a bit of a laugh whilst being a tad feisty.
Yawn. I really wish I had a real weekend (but what is a 'real weekend'?). I've a dye load of gloves in the dryer, a forest of renovated vintage lampbases to cart downstairs and a hundred emails to answer/write. Oh and the post needs to go out, I need to go to the bank, the studio, my suppliers.......

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