Saturday, 4 August 2012


Well I seem to have caught a dose of the fluviruscoldthingy, although I think last night it might have broken. Teeth chattering chills and a hotted up wheatie bag certainly go together. Trying to do the trade shows and the Craft Cubed opening while delirious is not a great idea. The joys of being self-employed... 'sick days', what are they??... although I did pass out on my bed on Thursday between trade show and opening.
Yesterday I really needed to go and do some work in the studio and get some things done as I still have two more trade show days to go. We never get very much in from the gift fairs but it's always a good idea  to see and be amused by some really weird stuff that makes you wonder about the state of consumerism. I have to say I think I am going to retch if I see another single colour screen print cushion. It actually reinforces why I do what I do, small, handmade, a bit tongue in cheek and referencing our textile history. As an example please see our new 'pennant' cushions. I've patched together beautiful wool felt, stitched on the souvenir pennants and backed the whole thing with blue saddle felt. Talk about colour blocking. There are only a few of these at the moment as I can't seem to find where I've put a stash of these pennants. 
Every time I think 'pennant' Indiana Jones saying 'penitent man' pops into my head, bloody 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', bloody cute-in-those-days-creepy-looking-now-I-blame-Callista Harrison Ford.
And in shop news our big shipment of Trunk and Orderly kinder and lunch cases are back in stock. I better dash now as I need to find somewhere to stash the box of extra cases. 


  1. These are so cool- you have a great way with colour. Alison

  2. Not feeling too flash this morning and I looked at your pennants and was taken back in my mind to a family holiday in 1973 - we went to Albury, Gundagai, Wagga,Canberra and bought pennants in all those places and some were hung up in our laundry for years.... lovely flash of reminiscing (sp?) thank you lovely Pen hope you are feeling better xx


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