Saturday, 7 July 2012


What an icy morning! 4ºC and frost on the grass when I went out for the papers and bread and milk. The sky an arch of icy blue, a huge ghost moon in the west and the sun acheing-ly bright low in the sky. I am loving these occasional cold snaps we are having this Winter, good old fashioned cold. I'm thawing out now with tea and toast with Pepe Saya butter and Mr Shackleton's lime marmalade.
We had a huge flurry of activity yesterday. I managed to actually get to the studio at a decent hour, which ended up making 11.30am feel like 1.30pm, and as I hadn't made any Welsh blanket cushions last week I pulled out some new colourways for this week's batch. In the last week we've had a lot of Welshies leave home, we love it when people fall in love with them and adopt them. I've also made new hot water bottle covers and wheatbags, just in time too I think, so if you were a little cold in bed last night come on down and grab one. I really really really need to get on to making those blanket quilts, the fact there is only one in the shop and it's hanging on the wall taunts me.
Back to the 'flurry of activity' bit.... lots of wholesale glove stock went out and I think most of the shops we stock now have good supplies of them if you are unable to get over to see us. For some reason, dark nights perhaps, we've had a run on our pianola shades so we are getting very low on some sizes. We seem to have bare patches in the shop, Dell laughed at me when I commented on that, I really don't do space and minimalist very well it seems. The last month of 'half-arsedness' has meant I am now looking about in panic at the things I have let slip- like the quilts, tea towel cushions, ordering cookbooks, thinking about new stock....
A friend accused me once of being OCD (she should know, it runs in her family) about making stuff, I explained I was just self-employed.
And some new birds have arrived. According to a customer yesterday we are known as the shop with the dead budgies.
Better go and hunt out all the gloves jethro has 'caught' overnight.

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  1. Can't believe how cold it is! I love it.
    Lovely sunny morning now too x


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