Monday, 30 July 2012


We may look Spring-y with all our colours but brrr it was cold out when I took this photo. We are still most definitely channelling the Winter woollies, I never can quite deal with all the warm weather clothing going into other stores when we are just hitting the coldest bit of Winter.
I've had the call to say that the quilting will be ready first thing tomorrow. Yay! (Finally!) Tomorrow's job sorted. I'll probably collapse into bed tomorrow night, the chopping and trimming and photographing is always exhausting. Today'd jobs went pear-shaped when the new press stud dies arrived... and they had sent the wrong component (insert sadface icon here) but I did treat myself to a new fancypantz rotary holepunch from L L L Leffler for Leather (that's the slogan their vans used to sport). I managed to not look at anything except the hole punches.... and an ogle at a mini leather splitting/skiving machine.... and came out only with the thing I went in for. Strong willed of me.
I've also managed to book a week and a bit away but that is still a month off. Passage is booked and paid for, now I need to scrimp and get the accommodation sorted. I do need a new waterproof jacket and the car could do with a bit of TLC. A 'things to do before you go' list looming I think- and you know how I hate lists.

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  1. The window looks lovely. Husband is very enamoured of your big travel trunks - so much so that HE suggested that he buy me one for Christmas!


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