Thursday, 31 May 2012

pure velvet

A country drive yesterday. I'm not sure whether it did any good as I think I was in a daze for most of it. There certainly wasn't any thinking or pondering happening, I seem to have spent the day on a very superficial level. I even walked slowly, quite treacly in fact, no rushing to see/do everything, just meandering and pottering.

I ate a giant anzac biscuit and drank a pot of tea while thinking about bugger all.  I fossicked through expensive crap. Sent silly photos to friends of weird things I was 'buying' for them. Indulged my collection of enamel mugs. I drove through fog and into sunshine. I tasted violets in the air. I pootled about. That's all really.


  1. middle photo - I spy with my little eye something beginning with K....

  2. Some days are meant for spending superficially... especially if there's a giant anzac biscuit involved, yummmmm.


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