Thursday, 24 May 2012


I so didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I lay there and stared at the DellDreamcatcher™ hanging from the Tord Boontje lightfitting and toyed with the idea of closing my eyes. A week of late night working and I could barely roll over this morning. The plans for an early start at the studio.... hmmm.... not happening now. I've got wholesale shipments to sort before walking out the door.
Did I tell you I managed to turn an afghan rug into a smouldering mess last last? Yep, couldn't work out where the acrid smell in the front room was coming from. I just thought it was the metal plate on the ironing press needing a good clean. Then I discovered the gold leather pouffé had been kicked towards the heater and the afghan on top had made contact. At least the heater was on low..... The windows have been thrown open and upstairs has now been aired..... which leads me to wondering how people who live in McMansions with sealed up tinted windows manage to air their houses out, there is nothing better than throwing a window open. Anyway, it's just the bone weariness drivelling on, I'll shut up soon.
I better dash.
Things to do.

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