Saturday, 19 May 2012

things to do today

Snuggle up on the couch with a pile of cushions, an afghan rug, the newspapers, a good book or three and a bucket of tea.

Bond with your new hot water bottle.

Start knitting that winter scarf/hat/sweater/sleeping bag you promised yourself you would start.

Yes, it is a grey old drizzly day out there- just how I like them! And yes the Cottage really comes alive at this time of the year, full of woolly goodness. I've put out new handknitted beanies, the glove trays are loaded, the angora scarves are piled up. I'll be spinning yarn today I think (there is some new hanks in the basket) and daydreaming as to what colours I'll dye gloves tomorrow.
Jethro has spent the morning running in and out the back door getting wet from the rain, then coming to stand leaning against my leg to dry off. If I try to towel him off he runs away, it's all a game as he loves getting wrapped up and dried, this morning it's all about playing 'chasey' around the big table in the shop though. I still remember the first day he experienced rain as a kitten, he ran outside, realised something was not right, thought the sky was falling on his head and jumped about like a mouse-on-a-hotplate as each bit of drizzle hit his guard hairs. Now he goes outside on purpose, gets his paws nice and wet and then runs over the glassine paper on the counter leaving perfect little crinkly paw prints. Brat.
OK, almost shop time. Must take the new digital print purse downstairs. Choose which bags of wool I'll spin. Pop the kettle on for another cup of tea. Tempt Jethro out from under the table or bunk. Pick up the leaves that have blown in. Saturday.

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  1. sounds like a top day to me...will you be toasting pikelets too? Should be completed with an episode of Doctor Who this evening...

    Have a lovely cosy weekend,

    Sarah -x-


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