Thursday, 10 May 2012


A little bit of a sleep in this morning, well not quite a sleep in  just hitting the snooze and  lolling about.
Whilst I am now showered, dressed and tea-ed Jethro is still lying about in bed in a nest of his glove seconds. Perhaps it's the autumn light and laziness that is making us move so slowly at the moment.
The velvet cushions went off for a photo shoot yesterday and we have been promised they would be back today. We'll see about that. I'm off this morning to Darkest Dandenong (the suburb not the Mount) to get another batch of Welsh blanket cushion inserts that I ordered as we seem to have gone through the shipment from last week. I have so many beautiful blankets to sew up and the heap of them in the studio is turning into a bit of a mountain at the moment. Sometimes I get all attached to one and want to put it on my bed or have daydreams of decorating my (imaginary) country house with them. I amuse myself imagining them everywhere like in a tartan flung Scottish baronial hunting lodge- but with Welsh blanketage instead. It might feel like you were living in a test pattern..... maybe not. Perhaps a lovely little Welsh cottage, all rough-and-ready hewn wood beams and whitewashed walls and a snuggly little bed covered in a tapestry blanket. Bit early in the day for daydreams.
Better hit the road.

Oh! Before I forget, the dip dyed angora scarves are going in store today.

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