Tuesday, 29 May 2012


So here we are. We've come through two markets in a month and a flurry of Winter glove orders and have managed to survive. I may have fallen asleep on my bed for an afternoon nap yesterday, a well deserved nap I think. I used to love afternoon naps, in fact back in the Brunswick Street days they were essential due to all the nighttime interruptions (bar patrons, rubbish trucks, tourists...) but my nights are less disjointed up here in the 'country town' end of Fitzroy. I never realised until I moved here how sleep deprived I was.
I'm making myself do as little as possible at the moment. I'm still writing emails, moving stuff around, loading and unloading but I feel the need for a bit of quiet. Thinking time if you like. Planning. Napping. I'm still toying with the country drive, tomorrow perhaps, but even that will take energy.
I managed to trip over a power cord at Markit and came down heavily on my left leg. My back went 'ping', I went 'ow' and I am still wincing whenever I stub my foot on anything (foot bone is connected to...) or roll over in bed. It's easing off a bit though. Boring. Yawn.
The photo is of Jethro yawning this morning. He about sums it up.
I still haven't written the satchel update.....

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