Friday, 25 May 2012

waiting for mr sockbar

'I do not know the whereabouts of your grey spotted sock.'

Oh, look. It's 9.45 and I am barely dressed, tea-ed and need shoes and a hat to get through todays rainy weather. There was meant to be a location photo shoot in the shop at 9 this morning but very late yesterday it was cancelled. Good in that I didn't have to spend last night lugging boxes about and doing stuff to make the shop look respectable, bad that I ended up brain dead and exhausted from all the late nights I've been putting in this week and feel like I forgotten to do something (you know that feeling, when something isn't happening and you are at a loose end). The flow on today being that the appointment I had organised for this morning and had to delay isn't happening until 11 and I am floating about until then.
I've chucked on another dyepot to soak, bright yellow, as we seem to have sold out of that colour... and magenta and denim and the poppy batch is almost gone too... just as I thought I was getting a little ahead  with 21 colours (yay! over a third of the tally done!) I'll have to spend more late nights stirring the copper (and that is not a euphemism...).
I've organised the van for Markit@FedSquare on Sunday, I need to get to the bank and get change, go to the studio and pick up the trolleys and storage boxes and decide whether I need to have a making spirt this afternoon and get some more product finished. Tomorrow night I start packing the shop into boxes. I'm thinking of lots of lovely wooliness- tea cosies, angora gloves, beanies, scarves, socks, Welsh blanket cushions, quilts- and perhaps a few satchels and purses for good measure. And yes I will be reporting on important satchel news very shortly.
Now, where are my shoes?

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