Tuesday, 22 May 2012


In time for the Jubilee I've re-wired Lilibet- and doesn't she look stunning?! I couldn't get her to hang properly facing the front in the window so she had to go on the side wall. There are plinths piled precariously with Welsh blanket cushions  (Nerys can you email me as I don't have a way of contacting you, address in sidebar, thanks) and I strung up the gloves in the window. I always think hanging the gloves is like trimming the Xmas tree, I know Winter is definitely here.
I have a stack of gloves to press, trim and tag before heading to the studio this morning. They sat there all day yesterday taunting me and now the pile is even higher. Jethro is sleeping-in so I had better close the shop screen door whilst I have the chance. There is the wire shelving unit out of the front window I need to stash somewhere before the shop opens too. Perhaps best to tie it to the car roof rack and cart it up to the studio. And I seem to have lost one grey and cream spotted sock and a pair of pink and grey argyle socks, if you see them anywhere can you send them back to me? I am wondering if they are having a little sock menage a trois off in a corner....


  1. What an amazing light fitting!!! i'm super jealous. The window looks very warmxxz


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