Saturday, 12 May 2012

be cosy or bee cosy

Morning all.
Yep, it's Saturday once again.
Yawn. Scratch. Stretch.
Dreaming of the alarm not going off in the morning.
I've just been moving boxes around in the shop, stuffing excess cushions into the cupboard, tossing an o-ring about for Jethro to chase. I had a bit of a Welsh blanket cushion making day yesterday so we have even more of the damn things ('damn' is said affectionately as I love these blankets heart and soul) and I have started a new special run of them patched together from the left over bits. I have to say these make my heart sing and I had to control myself from spending all of yesterday mixing and matching different blanket colours and patterns. I will have to allocate a 'play day' in which I will just revel in all their blankety goodness.
There has been a bit of a run on Ann's beautiful tea cosies so we had to call her and ask for an emergency batch to be sent down. The package arrived yesterday and we have re-stocked on her glorious native and cottage floral ones and there was something special in the package..... bee cosies! Based on Ann's fabulous 'coral' tea cosy pattern from the 1930s, she has covered the top in bees so now it is a beehive swarming with little crocheted bees. She sent us down two but one has already been adopted by our resident bee-fancier so there is only one left.... you better be quick!
It has been pointed out to us that the Cottage is exceedingly autumn-winter-springcentric. We love the cooler months, the gentler light, the snuggling up and we really come into our own when we can fill the shop with woolly goodness. Gloves! Socks! Cushions! Quilts! Sweaters and cardis! Even our teapots have something to wear! Roll on rain, wind and icy cold, we are ready for you!


  1. The bee cosy is so sweet! In England at the mo we need Gloves! Socks! Cushions, Quilts! Sweaters and Cardis! (all at once, and preferably with a hot water bottle up the sweater!) And this is supposed to be late Spring .. enjoy your weekend of Autumn mellowness, love Claire xxx

  2. Oh that is so cute! I love the bees!

  3. That is the sweetest, funniest thing I have ever seen.


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