Saturday, 5 May 2012

the week that was

Saturday, oh, Saturday.
It's here again.
I love it and I hate it. It marks the end of my 'working week' (not quite when you are self employed but close enough) and it means, if I have no appointments or engagements, that I may get to lie on my bed, stare at the ceiling and ponder all the cleaning that needs to be done. Sundays are very important here, I get to do 'nothing' for a few hours should I choose to and drink buckets of tea.
So being the Saturday Post I suppose I should let you know what we have in stock this week. Our lovely Lisa B socks are starting to walk out the door and I've made a huge-ish batch of Welsh blanket cushions (new colourways, new patterns). Ann's fabulous tea cosies are appearing in a spread in tomorrow's Sunday Age so if you are thinking of getting one for Mother's Day (which is not this Sunday but next) then I think you should probably come and grab one very very soon.
If you visited us at Finders Keepers you might have spied Jen and I or if you've been into the shop seen Dell knitting a scarf. We were taking turns working on the scarf to work  out how far a 100gm ball of our new dip dyed wool would go. It wasn't that it was hard to do or anything, the wool is actually really nice and easy to work with, it was just that we were all snatching moments to do a few rows each. Finally last Saturday I managed to finish it, for a single ball you get a fabulous scarf! Cast on 20 stitches on 15mm needles and just keep knitting in plain/garter stitch and ta-da! a lovely soft as a cloud scarf. Not bad for $25! I'll be dyeing up some more colours soon but I have put out the first dye batch in the shop, yellow/cobalt/natural and lolly pink/grey/natural (this one looks like a pink and grey galah!) and the scarf is in the basket for you to have a look at too.
I did manage to get up to the studio for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and do some work in the PenCorp Knit Division. Let me just say that area of the studio is disgusting, it's sort of been 'boxed' in with cushion inserts and, um, boxes and I don't think I've been near the knitting machines since the end of last Winter. The problem with warehouse studios is the 100 year old grit that falls through the floorboards/ceiling and the layer of dust that settles on everything. So once I've got the sample scarves I knitted yesterday dyed and played with and any changes made I'll be in the studio on Monday moving furniture around and vacuuming. PenCorp Knit Division needs a good Autumnal clean.
On that cleaning note I better get downstairs and see what my feline colleague is up to. I think I might drag the spinning wheel into the shop today too, we are definitely in need of handspun yarn.


  1. My name is Sarah-Jane and I am a hoover-phobic. (I mean vacuum~you knew that right!) My piece of ancient Britain is busy leaving dust bunnies in every conceivable cranny and I am staring them's no good, today I will hoover in an act of solidarity with the Cottage goes, see you on the other side,
    Sarah -x-

  2. Joseph says these cushions are awesome, and that we need some.
    I went to vacuum the other day and it took me half an hour to find the vacuum cleaner.
    xx Charlotte


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