Wednesday, 23 May 2012

storm in a dyepot

I've got my electric copper sitting in the shower cubicle. Every day I have to lift it out when I want to wash and then pop it back in to dye more gloves. I fill it up by positioning the shower head over the top and turning it on full pelt. As the water level rises it reminds me of dodgy storm scenes in old movies, the ship fighting against the rage storm tossed sea.
This morning's dye pot is red. My plan for 60 colours is progressing, so far there has been 24 dye batches and 18 colours, so getting close to a third of the way through. Pretty good I think for the last week of May.
Now of course all this dyeing is not only to top up the trays in the shop and fill wholesale orders. This Sunday is Markit @ Fed Square day. We'll be packing the shop up, loading it all into the borrowed transit van and setting it all up in the foyer of BMW Edge in the exact same spot we were in last December if you came to that  event.
I'm thinking this will be the last market we do in some time, two in a month is stretching things a bit. I don't know how those carni-folk marketeers do it week to week.
Then next week if I am really lucky I'll have a drive up country for the day. Look at the autumn colours (if this wind hasn't stripped the leaves) and get some chill into my cold loving bones. There really is nothing like coming inside after a feeling the brisk Winter on your cheeks and in your toes.
Time to stir the dye pot.

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  1. Hey Lilibet is a triumph...hope she is snaffled by a diserning Royalist! Loving the copper dye pot in the bath ~ just don't forget OK!!! images of red body parts....aaarghhhh,

    Sarah -x-


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