Thursday, 17 May 2012


Been and done.
I had great plans to write last night about the note I left in the wheatbag tray in the shop and how, apparently, people found it amusing. How after rushing to the studio and making said wheatbags and linking off angora scarves I came back to the shop and dyed gloves and cooked caramel apples (like the apples you cook for a Tarte Tatin but without the pastry) which Dell and I ate warm with Meander Valley Dairy (solid) double cream from enamel cups. How we discovered a kookaburra warbling away on the tv aerial above the terraced buildings opposite the shop.
I managed to spend 4 1/2 hours sitting in Emergency at the Eye and Ear Hospital instead. Nothing major, don't worry (4 1/2 hours= not serious), just a case of muted deafness. I have an appointment again today for a hearing test but it's looking like tinnitus after I experienced 3 bout of ear static before I fell asleep last night and awoke this morning to it again. The problem is I know just what has brought it on- the damned knitting machine. This is what an afternoon of mechanically knitting scarves can do! I think I will have to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones.
A frantically busy morning organising wholesale glove orders and then a run up country to pick up gloves ready to be dyed. I think I have spent every weekday for the last couple of weeks racing from pillar to post.
The trees have really turned and the Autumn colours are fabulous. I'm promising myself that I get a real country jaunt next week. I think I need it.


  1. oh my goodness I am going to put my OH&S hat on and scold you gently about not wearing ear protection.... please be careful dear Pen, workplace injuries are not just about arms in bread slicers XX take care

  2. Yes! We need you around for quite some time yet Missy! You can also get a variety of sound cancelling earplugs... My friends who's in a band uses them when she plays and practices. They save her bacon mightily. xo


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