Friday, 18 May 2012

hand pressed

I managed to hit the 'off' button rather than the 'snooze' this morning. Perhaps I needed the little sleep-in.
All pretty much well with the ears now, doctors can't work out what was the matter but after a small dose of steroids and a bit of intense tinnitus it's all OK. Apparently I shouldn't blame the knitting machine. I feel I might have to make it up to that inanimate object for laying blame on it, a light coating of machine oil and a good vacuum will hopefully placate it.
Even though it was a late start I managed to pick up the dye for the gloves and got a whole pile of cushions and some new tapestries photographed. It's handy having a photographer down the hallway at the studio!
As you know I'm not a fan of reality TV (OK I lie, my illicit reality is 'Snog, Marry, Avoid?', it cracks me up) but last night Lovely Lucy's amazing Design Files Open House was on The Block. I forgot to watch it- but have remedied that thanks to on-demand. On the D-Files Facebook posts people were asking about the cushions in the photos and I started getting emails about our beautiful Welsh blanket cushions. In the segment you can see our gingerbread hearts on the Xmas trees, Mosey's beautiful balloons and our blanket quilts in the kid's room too! So many great people's creativity showcased in that house.
I spent the rest of today making some new Welshies, I've got a fab stash in the studio and we seem to have a growing mountain of cushions in the shop. My new fav? Raspberry gelati pink (or maybe it's a bit rhubarb) with black, blue and cream, gorgeous! And some tea-towel cushions because Dell pointed out I had been a bit slack on that front of late.
So the week is done and dusted. Just my Saturday shopgirl duty to go. Then a huge pile of dyeing on Sunday.

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