Friday, 11 May 2012

slow and dozy

Three days of intense blue sky autumn weather has made me dozy and dreamy.
I drove a huge loop around Melbourne yesterday- Fitzroy, Blackburn North, Dandenong, Essendon, Fitzroy. I chose the faster tollway run, no traffic lights but a superb view of the trees doing their leaf colours as I whizzed along. Made me realise how much I need to go for a mid-week country drive very soon.
I've been moving very slow this morning. Creak-creak-creaky. It doesn't help that Jethro likes to come back for a nap after his early morning snack. Cats have a soporific effect on their humans. The slight attack of gastro I've had this week hasn't helped either I think.
If you came in yesterday looking for the angora scarves I left them on the armchair upstairs. They are now downstairs but we are having a horizontal space issue and I am a bit at a loss where to put them. I need to do a big move about of stock, change the front window, go a-hunting the dust bunnies and maybe even get the paint out for the touch ups I didn't do at Easter.
Ok. I better make a move. Got to go to the bank, the stationers, check my Powerball ticket and see if I won that $20 million from last night (I can live in hope...), eat some breakfast and get to the studio. Things to do, places to be.

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