Tuesday, 8 May 2012

long light

It was such a beautiful day out it was hard to lock myself away in the the studio. I went for a morning walk and dithered about, ate breakfast out, mailed off all the parcels, ambled slowly around autumnal Fitzroy then climbed the stairs up to my garret.
Melbourne really flaunts her blousey best on days like today, skies as blue as a sailor's eyes, light like honey, falling leaves and all. The light was lovely in the studio and even the dust was transformed. I pottered and mooched and did work but was slow and easily distracted. It was as if my brain and body had somehow been switched to languid, not the languid of a hot and balmy day but drunk on the liquid sunlight.
The wind is picking up now and rain is forecast, I've hung a freshly washed Welsh blanket on the line and hopefully will get it before the rain in the morning. There are a few new blanket cushions in the shop, some hand spun wool to go out, lots of dyeing to do and a batch of new velvet 'tapestry' cushions waiting to be picked up in the morning for a photo shoot. Now it is time for bed and re-reading an old book from the bookshelves.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx


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