Saturday, 26 May 2012


Could we possibly start today again?
You might remember the (crazy) person who ripped the doilies off the magnolia way back on New Year's Day? Well I got to meet him at 8am this morning. As he ripped the doilies off again, chatting all the while to the tree, I slammed the flat of my hand against the glass door and yelled at him to bugger off. He decided to ask me if we had 'listened to the tree' and wasn't going to listen to my argument that I had listened and the tree was happy. He sprouted Socrates at me, I threatened the police and when our faces were an inch from each other separated by the glass I asked nicely if he could explain why his eyes were pinned and the situation ended with him walking off. Sometimes you just have to use a left hook.
Sad I know. Young, intelligent, a dash of schizophrenia and a touch of whacked off his face. And really no point in my anger or trying to reason with him.
Like I said- can we start the day again?
Now I need to factor in a repair job on Miss Magnolia.
On the home front I also have a slightly (amusingly) delinquent cat to deal with. I have probably told you Jethro has penchant for 'fetching' gloves and bringing them to me in bed. It started with glove offcuts as a kitten, then sample and seconds 'stolen' from plastic bags in the kitchen. It's pretty cute and amusing but last night he took it to the next level and pulled 4 pairs off the hanging display in the front window, one and a half pairs ended up in bed and the rest dotted around the house. After playing 'scare the doily vandal' this morning I then had to play 'Hunt the Glove'. I rehung a couple of pairs to then get home from the newspaper run to find he'd done it again. Little shit.
Saturday morning shop shift. New Welsh blanket cushions in, the fabulous Brynkir Navaho blanket design, new fingerless glove colours, new hand spun yarn hanks, new dip dyed angora scarves. That's it. I'm toying with the idea of having a week where I don't make anything to put in the shop......
Don't forget! Markit@FedSquare tomorrow!


  1. you have a naughty toddler there Pen.

  2. S-A-D doesn't begin to cover it, what a total t**t, grrrrrrrr ~ sending Boodle via Fedex to sort out delinquent...
    To be fair to Jethro it was a case of "gloves off" so he really is rather clever...

    Sarah -x-


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