Tuesday, 15 May 2012

looking out

Slow start to the day here, a dose of the feline soporific I think, or perhaps the effect of a crazy busy day yesterday. Unbelievably I managed to make some headway with the email backlog whilst juggling dyeing gloves and taking wholesale inquiries. An AGM and a board meeting to cap the day off and then an hour or so right at the end with the new Sookie book. It's very slow at the start and I am hoping things might ramp up a bit, three chapters in and no sight of Eric, this does not bode well! Perhaps I am just not patient at the moment, I looked at the second in the Hunger Games trilogy yesterday and decided I couldn't be bothered with it. I had an overwhelming desire whilst reading the first book to call Katniss 'Catpiss' and spent far too long ruminating over how if she thought her life was bad she could trying going to an Australian school with a name like that. Seriously if she survived the nicknaming habits of schoolchildren she could survive anything.
As I have been an intermittent poster of late I thought a bit of drivel was better than nothing! I have lots to do in the studio, we seem to be very low on wheat bags and mohair hot water bottle covers. Funny that. I've popped some new colours in the gloves into the shop and I have the press heating up as I click-clack here to iron up a couple more before I finally get my arse in gear and leave the building.
I better get going I seem to have frittered my morning away once again.

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  1. Because I am cheap and saving $$$ I am in the resie queue for new Sookie at work. And there is a new Ben Aaronivitch coming in July! which I WILL buy. Yee-ha!


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